CAMILLA Drink Bottle - She's Got Grace

$56.00 NZD

A mosaic of untamed majesty and all that is ornate, the She’s Got Grace Drink Bottle is enwrapped in a concoction of emerald hues and striking violet as classic leopard print and baroque details swirl alongside. Holding up to 500ml of your beverage of choice, this luxury CAMILLA drink bottle features a silicone seal to keep leaks at bay, vacuum insulation to ensure the temperature stays where it needs to be and is double-lined.


- She's Got Grace sends us back to the star-filled eighties, taking inspiration from our archived I Am collection
- Green and purple print with ornate details
- Luxury bottle
- Statement homewares
- Silicone seal to ensure no leaks
- Vacuum insulated
- Double wall
- Holds 500ml
- H25CM

Fabrication: 100% STAINLESS STEEL