ALQUEMA - Windbreaker Red

$399.00 NZD

With a pleated detachable hood and pockets, this  Windbreaker will be your windy day favourite. A straight pleat throughout the arms and bodice that softens as it descends  allowing for a stylish flow of fabric. 

Designed with a full zip, it can be styled over almost anything but looks especially good when styled with the ALQUEMA Smash Pocket Dress - as they both have the exact same length.

Sizing: One Size Fits All. This jacket features Japanese inspired pleats that expand and contract to suit your size and body shape. The measurements below are just a guide only.

On fit-testing we believe this style will genuinely fit all sizes.
From size 10-18. Yes it's true, the pleating system is incredible! 

Measurements (cm):

  • Shoulder to shoulder (back): O/S=40
  • Collar to hem (back): O/S=110
  • Sleeve length: O/S=58

Fabric: 100% man-made fibre

Style Code: AC01-RED-O/S