LA CHAMBA Baking Dish - Medium

$109.00 NZD

From the Andes of Colombia comes the unique, versatile traditional La Chamba cookware. Whether you are a gourmet chef or prefer simple fare, La Chamba will offer you years of cooking and serving pleasure. This South American cookware has been used for food preparation, cooking and eating for centuries, and the origins can be traced back over 700 years to vases and pitchers found in archaeological sites.

Materials: Clay with Terracotta Glaze

Measurements: 34cmLx28cmWx6cmH

Product Care: Safe for stove, oven, microwave and grill use. All pieces safe for use in direct gas, on the barbecue and open fire. Dishwasher safe, however, to maintain its natural patina we recommend hand washing.

First Use: Clean with mild detergent, fill 3/4 full of water and place in the oven for 30 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius. Allows for Item to Seal. Wooden utensils are recommended to prevent scratching.