CAMILLA Large Square Scarf - Grow and Glow

$341.00 NZD

The Grow & Glow Large Silk Scarf takes a stroll through a decadent garden of richly coloured blooms intertwined with wild leopard print patterns. Go beyond the frame of fine glimmering golden swirls and lattice details that shine against a base of soft green tones to hear your destiny calling. Hand-embellished with signature CAMILLA crystal adornments, this luxury silk scarf is home to a large expanse, custom border detail, and a multi-functional wearability as a scarf around the neck for classic elegance, a sarong over swimwear, or skillfully styled as a summer top.

Measurements: 107cm x 107cm

Fabric: 100% SILK

Style Code: 22850-GrowandGlow