ALQUEMA - Long Estrella Dress Ombre Peach Lemonade

$399.00 NZD

Indulge in the ALQUEMA Long Estrella Dress, where a delightful blend of peach orange and lemonade yellow creates a stunning ombre effect. This dress strikes the perfect balance of sophistication and fun, perfectly complemented by the coordinating Collare Coat.

Sizing Notes: Alquema designs with every woman in mind. The intricate nature of our Shibori pleating lends itself to versatile cuts, fitting all body shapes and sizes. Thanks to the memory of the heat-set pleats, this garment will expand and contracts to your size. This garment will equally fit and flatter a size 8-20. Yes, really!

Seeing is believing!

Measurements (cm):

  • Shoulder to hem: O/S=130

Fabrics: 100% Japanese Yarn, man made fibre

Style Code: AD1072LPEAL

Care Instructions:

All Alquema garments are unique, handmade and hand pleated with care. To maintain their beauty and longevity, we recommend you wash by hand in cold water with a dash of mild, natural detergent. Flat dry your Alquema and please do not tumble dry or apply any heat. To dry, lay the garment flat and leave in a shaded area. Once dry, store your garment in a cool, dry place. Hanging for long periods of time may cause stretching at the shoulders and neck.