How to rock the street style trainer

With the exciting arrival of Lacoste at Magpie Style - just in time for Spring, it got us thinking about how to style the basic trainer - outside of the gym.

From the very basic to the brightest of leathers; from clean and minimal to intricately embellished, the fashion trainer comes in many forms and styles. That said, there are a few rules when it comes to trainer style and how to wear it well.

Normally reserved for the casual, "I’m just running to the supermarket look”, take a leaf out of these street-style looks and try elevating your basic sneaker into sophisticated style with the little help from these suggested pairings.


White out

For effortless casual chic, go for a clean-line sneaker in all-white. This will pair back with everything from denim, to summer dresses to workwear suiting.

Pictured above: Lacoste Unlined, unisex sneaker $269 - designed with both style and comfort in mind.


A different hue for your shoe

A quirky way to inject a little spunk into your outfit is with a coloured sneaker. With Spring here and ample opportunity to throw a little pigment around, try a soft pastel hue. Your shoes will inject a warm subtle highlight to your outfit.

Colours like soft smudgy pink work well when styled back with whites, denim and grey marl.


 Above: Lacoste Unlined Sneakers in pink $269


From night to day

Transform an otherwise evening skirt or dress into a sassy day-time style by adding a simple narrow-line sneaker. The result? A quirky modern elegance.


Pictured above: Lacoste Ziane  low cut sneaker $149.



Knowing your size in a sneaker, or otherwise, footwear brand is a paramount part of the purchase. When you find a reliable brand that fits you well, suits your style stick with it and you’ll never have to return the defunct purchase. Also take note of the sizing notes as often the sizing can differ from one style to another - within the same brand. Be sure to have an army of foot liners or low-line socketed. They work wonders to keep your street-style trainers fresh even after miles spent on the pavement.

If you have a question about sizing or fit, please ask us here. 



Pictured above: Lacoste Lancelle Sneakers in Grey $195.





Pictured above: Lacoste Lancelle Sneaker in Navy suede $195.


Keeping them clean

White can take you anywhere! They’re fresh, understated and can make any outfit look on-trend and modern. That said, keeping them clean can be the ultimate challenge..

It doesn’t matter how fabulous your outfit is, dirty sneakers can make you look instantly shabby, so keeping your kicks spic and span is key. A good shoe protector to repel dirt and marks will keep them at bay and sneaker maintenance includes washing the laces. Often these will come out looking whiter than the sneakers.

Once the trainers have come towards the end of their life span, buy a newly fresh white pair and set these aside for good. The older pair can be worn on low-level or for when duty calls for function over fashion.


Above: Lacoste Straightset Sneakers in white $205.


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Hi Bridget ,re: street sneakers. I’ve just got back with my daughter from Paris and South of France – this look was everywhere, as you have stated. Very cool! Often with a simple black dress, flowery dress, or skinny jeans, ankle grazing, no visible socks . (I recommend Nike white hidden socks they don’t slip)

— Gillie Dallison