There is something about the deadline of Christmas that dispels a frenzied panic among even the calmer of women.

As soon as December hits, the mind goes into a cloudy fog of to-do lists, which only seem to grow. Leaving ourselves to last, we then forget about what to wear. 

Try these ideas to help you look forward to, not meltdown over, the 25th.

1. Treat yourself to a new outfit

For no other reason than you deserve it. Christmas is an emotionally charged day and a time when we reflect on the summation of the year.

A new outfit will make you feel refreshed, 'worth it' and vibrant. It’s also OK to leave this purchase until the final weeks. Most clothing retailers start their sales in the final weeks of December, so it’s a great opportunity to get something beautiful, shiny and new at a discounted price.

Bridfget wears Paula Ryan Ruffle Top

Above: Paula Ryan Slouch Skirt  and the Paula Ryan Ruffle Top.
+ Baby Magpie Bag in velvet which we have in store now.

Four Corners Earrings
Above: Four Corners Deco style earrings, $79.

2. Dress festively.

Yes – this means dress up!
Christmas Day is an occasion and your outfit should reflect this. Avoid wearing top-to-toe black. There, I said
it. Black gets enough runway during the year (especially over winter) and doesn’t reflect the cheerfulness that Christmas should have. Team your back with brights, prints or metallics.

Colour or white is a natural option, as is metallics for Christmas Day. Fun, statement jewellery is an easy way to add to a simple outfit.

Enhance Mexican Earrings

Pictured: Enhance Mexican inspired clip-on earrings, $59.

3. Suggest a dress code for the family.

Depending on your clan, this could be something funny like garish Christmas t-shirts or a single colourway if you prefer something more elegant. 

Christmas Day is the perfect opportunity for a family photograph, as it can be the one time of year when everyone is together. Think about this and suggest a colour theme, but give people time so that they don’t all freak out at the pressure. Our family is doing an all-white Christmas this year which came with a fair amount of groaning from the men. Moans aside – they are all following the brief!

Here is what I'm wearing!

Bridget wears Trelise Cooper Petal Pleaser dress

Above: Trelise Cooper Petal Pleaser dress in white linen (now on sale).

4. Buy your husband / partner new clothes for Christmas, for his birthday or just because!

From years of experience, I am quite sure that men spend about 10 percent of the time on their appearance that we do.

That said, new clothing makes the perfect gift for the men in our lives because 1. we get to have a say in what comes home and 2. because we are safe in the knowledge that they will look sharp for Christmas Day (and in general).

This is another purchase you can make in the third week of December (now) when clothing stores begin marking down and you’re securing your own outfit. It will also help you feel less guilty about #1. 

Mens clothing store

5. Dress up the house

Christmas decorations can be acquired cleverly by mixing high and low-priced decorations together. Christmas baubles are in large supply and incredibly cheap (yes, go straight to The Warehouse or Farmers).

The more highly intricate decorations become quite affordable the closer you leave it to Christmas. Stick to a couple of areas and do these very well, whether it be the tree, flowers or Christmas lights. There is nothing more festive than a beautifully dressed Christmas table on Christmas Day. And don’t forget to grab a new Christmas candle. Fragrance, like music, will set the tone for Christmas in an instant.

 Above: Cote Noire Art Deco Christmas Candle , $99 each.

Christmas table decorations

Pictured: Dressing an all-white Christmas table with greenery or pine cones from the garden can be both an affordable and stylish way of creating an impressive Christmas table display fast. 



Words: Bridget Hope, Wardrobe Director - Magpie Style

*First published in Metropol magazine December issue, 2017