It was the perfect Spring day for fashion show, to be held in the garden setting of Magpie Style

Warm sun filtered its rays through the trees, birds tweeted the optimism of the changing season and freshly-cut grass crunched under foot. The boxed hedged gardens of Magpie Style had been transformed into an Alice in Wonderland like setting to deliver a whimsical backdrop to showcase the new Trelise Cooper Spring/Summer collections. 

The Trelise Cooper and Magpie Style team

PICTURE PERFECT: Dame Trelise Cooper and the Magpie Style Garden Party team.

From left: Judith Pratt, Mary Ling, Kate Deviln, Susan Butler-Thomson, Julie Leuchurs, Bridget Hope, Franka Van Ginkel, Tanya Izard, Robyn Mooney,
Marga Bastings, Sarafina Pavia, Stacey Harris.
(Not pictured: Fashion Editor, Louise Heller, who at the time of this photo was making a mad-dash to the airport to collect our new headpieces!).


SHOW READY: Dame Trelise Cooper with Bridget Hope.

Dame Trelise Cooper and Bridget Hope


The Magpie Style Trelise Cooper Runway

Above: A green carpet was rolled out to create the perfect garden runway. 

Below: The white pergola was decorated with pastel pom-poms. The surrounding hedges scattered with multi-sized pin-wheels. 

Magpie Style events

Pom poms hanging at Magpie Style

Small round Portuguese Laurel trees were decorated with bright coloured pom pom flowers, injected to create a sense of whimsy and fun.

 White chairs lined the edge of the garden giving every guest a front-row view.

Pinwheels at the Magpie Style Fashion Show

White Tie staff

Perrier Jouet at Magpie Style


The champagne of the day was Perrier Jouet and guests enjoyed bespoke canapes created on-site by the chefs from White Tie Catering

White Tie Catering canapesBelow: A fountain was filled with Spring blooms gifted from a neighbours garden.

 Fountain at Magpie Style


Magpie Style and Trelise Cooper Fashion Show

Above: Silk magnolias were added to evergreen trees to create extra Spring blooms.

Below: Backstage ten models were preparing for the Runway show with a team of 5 hair and makeup artists led by Renae Hay.

Portfolio models at the Trelise Cooper show

Models backstage at the Magpie Style show

Below: VIP guests take their seats.

 Guests at the Trelise Cooper Fashion Show

Sixty Spring/Summer looks were presented from the new collections of Trelise Cooper, COOPER and Curate (see Fashion Runway story here).

 Trelise Coper Spring Summer collections at Magpie Style

 Trelise Cooper Spring Summer 19 at Magpie Style

Trelise Cooper Spring Summer at Magpie Style


At the end of the show, Bridget Hope interviewed Dame Trelise Cooper on stage about her inspiration and what drives her each season to create fabulous collections time and time again.

Dame Trelise Cooper and Bridget Hope

Dame Trelise Cooper and Bridget Hope




Guests were then invited to the courtyard where they enjoyed more champagne, New Zealand wines and canapes with Dame Trelise, the Magpie Style and Trelise Cooper teams.

Pictured below: Helen Hanson and Dame Trelise Cooper 

Helen Hanson and Dame Trelise Cooper


Below: Model Jemima Allison, Cathy Field, Amber Hamilton and Sue Allison

Bridget Hope and Lynn Ritchie

Below: Magpies Sarafina Pavia and Tanya Izard.

Sarafina Pavia and Tanya Izard

Below: Magpie Style, Fashion Editor, Louise Heller (back from the airport!).

Magpie Style Fashion Editor Louise HEller

Below: Charlotte Malone and Jo Grams enjoying the fashion market.

Charlotte Malone and Jo Grams

Below: Floral headband from Morgan & Taylor. .

Morgan & Taylor

Above: Morgan & Taylor Chantelle Flower Floral Headband, $89

Pictured below: Jenny Slater and Robyn Talbot - winner of the Magpie Style/Trelise Cooper grand prize - discuss styles with Dame Trelise and Kate Devlin.

Dame Trelise Cooper


A heartfelt thanks to our Garden Party team.

Without your incredible efforts - this spectacular event would not have been possible (or as magical as it was!).

Photography and Video: Neil Gussey

Hair & Makeup: Renae Hay, Jenna Brown, Pearl Babington, Alex Pennell, Monique Cadigan

Models: Bella, Christiane, Daniella, Rebecca,Yan, Isabella from Portfolio Models. Georgia from NZ Models, Jemima and Victoria.

Catering: White Tie Catering led by Helen Harrowfield and Alice Norton

Sound Engineering: Jaron Hart from Shipleys Engineering.


Team Trelise Cooper: Dame Trelise Cooper, Kate Devlin, Robyn Mooney, Julia Leuchars, Judith Pratt.

Team Magpie Style: From L to R: Tanya Izard, Franka Van Ginkel, Louise Heller, Bridget Hope, (pictured with) Dame Trelise Cooper, Marga Bastings, Sarafina Pavia, Stacey Harris, Mary Ling and Susan Butler.  

Dame Trelise Cooper and the Magpie Style team

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Fantastic looks like you had a wonderful day. Outstanding presentation. Thanks for sharing.

— Sharyn Franscis