PAULA RYAN ESSENTIALS Slim Fit 3/4 Sleeve Off The Shoulder Top - MicroModal


Wear the Slim Fit 3/4 Sleeve Off The Shoulder Top in MicroModal from day to night with a sophisticated show of shoulder.

Style No. 4769

Made In New Zealand

Fabrication: MicroModal

* Italian yarn derived from a 100% completely natural sustainable source of material the Beech Tree. No artificial irrigation or planting required.

* With softness as the principle, Modal fibre is twice as soft as cotton.

* Knitted in Italy, the result is a light, soft silky handle maintained for the life of the garment.

* Adjusts the body's temperature to suit the conditions due to its hygroscopic ( water absorbent) qualities.

* Shrink resistant, Pill free and non fade qualities.