PAULA RYAN Black and White Frequent Vanity Travel Set


Travel in style with the Frequent traveler set. If you're all about matching, then this vanity and cosmetic bag trio is for you. 

Large vanity bag. Images 2, 3, 4 and 5: 

  • Features a zipped outside pocket to hold a small polka dot make up bag (image 4) and three small travel size bottles(image 5).
  • The inside compartment also has a zipped pocket.
  • This generous bag will hold all your full size bottles.
  • Measurements: 32cm/21cm/6cm

Medium vanity bag. Image 6.

  • Features two gold zipped pockets with ample storage space.
  • This is an ideal size for the bare essentials, shampoo's and sprays to pop into your travel bag.
  • Measurement: 24cm/16cm/13cm

Small vanity bag. Image 7.

  • Convenient vanity case to hold all your favorite make up and skin care for a weekend away.
  • Measurement: 21cm/12cm/8cm