PAULA RYAN Animal Silk Tiered Skirt

SKU: 8625-AnimaliaSilk-XS

The lightweight silk makes this wide elastic waist skirt a dream to wear. It can be made especially glamorous work with a boatneck or an off-shoulder top. 

Sizing Notes:  This style runs true to size: XS=8, S=10, M=12, L=14, XL=16, 2XL=18, 3XL=20.


Length Neck to hem (Back):  XS=67.1  S=67.5   M=68.3  L=69.1  XL=69.9 2X=70.7      3XL= 71.5   

Bust Circumference: XS=107   S=110  M=116.  L=122  XL=128   2X=134  3XL= 140

Waist Circumference: XS=98 S=101 M=107   L=113   XL=119   2X=125   3XL=131 

Hem Circumference: XS=110   S=113  M=119   L=125  XL=131  2X=137  3XL=143

Shoulder /Sleeve Length (Neck  to Hem): XS=60.3   S=60.9   M=62   L=63.1   XL=64.2   2XL=65.3   3XL= 66.4   

Fabric: 100% Silk, Slip: 100% Polyester

Style No. 8625