CAMILLA Large Square Scarf - Natural Instinct

SKU: 16249-NaturalInstinct-O/S

Inviting intrigue to the décolletage with the wilds of Mother Earth, our Natural Instinct Large Square Scarf captures the gaze with sunset scenes defined by stalking cheetahs, violet-infused bluebells, forest ferns and the striking stripe of the zebra. Hand-embellished with crystal adornments, this luxury silk scarf features a large expanse, contrasting trim, signature CAMILLA shimmer and a multi-wear design. With an array of ways to wear, shift it into a variety of summer tops.

- Natural Instinct transports us to untamed canopies, taking inspiration from our archived Pachamama collection
- Warm brown print with floral accents
- CAMILLA accessories
- Luxury silk scarf
- Multi-wear design
- Crystals
- Printed silk
- Contrast border
- Square shape

Measurements: 107CM X 107CM

Fabric: 100% Silk 

Style No: 16249