BY NATALIE Goosedown Deluxe Pillow Topper

SKU: 1040732-O/S

Designed to enhance the comfort of your by Natalie pillow. The luxury pillow topper is stuffed with goose down feathers, your head will sink into the sumptuous filling without compromising on support as the by Natalie base pillow will offer this. This pillow topper is ideal for hot sleepers as it uses moisture-wicking technology that pulls water away from the skin for optimum temperature management and breathability. It’s also easy to care for, as it can go in the washing machine.

Simply wrap the luxury topper on top of your By Natalie Pillow for optimum comfort.

  • Created with natural fibres (goose feather and down)
  • Completely encloses your by Natalie pillow for premium volume, you will not need to fluff your pillow in the night routinely if paired with a by Natalie pillow - as combined it will be adequate support
  • Adaptable and can be fitted on most pillows
  • Silver piping detail
  • Comes with a luxury, reusable gold dust carry bag

Feel: Soft

Ideal for: Hot sleepers; Back, side and tummy

Measurements: 74 x 48cm

Fabric: 90% goose down and 10% goose feather. Down-proof 100% cotton outer to prevent feathers from ever escaping

Style no. 1040885