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"We are here to help you look and feel your best". 

Meet the Magpie Style team

Pictured from left: Franka Van Ginkel (Operations Manager), Bridget Hope (Wardrobe Director) and Marga Bastings (Stylist).


We love fashion. It comes naturally for us, but for many it can be a a long road of being 'sold into' the wrong styles and a wardrobe of clothes that you never wear - or feel good in.


At Magpie Style, we curate and fit-test everything on offer to ensure it lasts for years in your wardrobe. We value cost-per-wear over price so that you get the best for your money in the long run.


In the showroom, we offer personalised styling advice for clients during complimentary individual appointments, at the fashion boutique and through our online store.

Online store:





Wardrobe director, Bridget Hope knows women. Having spent her career at the helm of some of the world’s leading fashion magazines: Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and The Singapore Women's Weekly in South East Asia and as editor of Simply You in New Zealand - Bridget has an innate understanding of how to best dress a woman's body - whatever her shape or size. 

Bridget Hope from Magpie Style

Bridget works with clients at the Magpie Style showroom on an individual or group level and helps with wardrobe planning, clothing choices or through personal shopping experiences. Her time is free and you can book an appointment with her at the Magpie Style showroom here. Every Friday Bridget also works in the Magpie Style boutique.

Fashion Boutique: 55 Keetly Place, Ohoka 7692, New Zealand.
Open 9 - 4pm: Monday to Friday (including all public holidays - except Easter Friday and Christmas).




Franka oversees the operations of the online store. She processes your orders, returns and ensuring your online shopping experience runs smoothly for 24/7. Franka is also responsible for all of the inventory management online so if there is something you want but can't find in your size or preferred colour - she can very likely source it for you.

Franka Van Ginkel



STYLIST: Marga Bastings

Marga Bastings lives and breathes style.

She manages the fashion boutique in Ohoka and works with customers to ensure the best style combinations for them. Marga is also responsible for the visual merchandising of the Magpie Style showroom and works closely with Bridget during the mid-week client appointments. 

Marga Bastings Magpie Style Stylist

Marga also works at all of our small and large-scale fashion events. With a passion and natural styling affinity for sourcing the right looks to meet your lifestyle needs, she is a valuable member of the Magpie Style fashion team. 



Please get in touch with us with whatever question you have.
We are here to help.

PH: +64 3 261 2158

MOB: +64 27 403 3495


55 Keetly Place
Ohoka 7862

FASHION BOUTIQUE: Open Monday to Friday: 9-4pm (New extended hours!)

Just follow the signs down from the Ohoka Markets on Mill Road
Get directions here


WARDROBING APPOINTMENT: Monday – Thursday + Saturday: 10am – 8pm
Phone Magpie Style: +64 27 403 3495

  1. Styling
  2. Personal Shopping
  3. Outfits for Special Events
  4. Girls Day Out / Night Out
  5. OR just a visit to the boutique

 Meet the Magpie Style team