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PAULA RYAN RELAXED Print Front Chiffon Back Tunic - Cashmere Modal


Made from soft Cashmere Modal with a Chiffon back, this tunic features an artistic silk-screen motif. Slightly longer at the back, this tunic is perfect for wearing over leggings and slim leg trousers for all casual and day-to-day activities.

Fabric: Cashmere Modal 

Style no. 8142


  • Neck to hem(Back): XS=86.3,  S=86.7,  M=87.5, L=88.3, XL=89.1,  2XL=89.9, 
  • Bust Circumference: XS=89, S=92, M=98, L=104, XL=110, 2XL=116, 3XL=122.
  • Waist: XS=86, S=89, M=95, L=101, XL=107, 2XL=113, 3XL=119.
  • Hem Width: XS=106, S=109, M=115, L=121, XL=127,  2XL=133, 3XL=139.
  • Sleeve  (Head to Hem): XS=62.5, S=62.8, M= 63.5, L=64.2, XL=64.9, 2XL=65.6 
  • Shoulder to Shoulder: XS=38.6, S= 39.4,  M= 41,  L= 42.6,  XL= 44.2,  2XL= 45.8,  3XL= 47.4. 

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