PAULA RYAN Zip Neck Tulip Dress - Black/Black

$345.00 $690.00
SKU: 8556-Black/Black-S

Tulip styled dresses are great for dressing up or down, with boots sneakers or shoes. They are great under coats and carry a modern funkiness.

Sizing Notes: This style runs true to size: XS=8, S=10, M=12, L=14, 2XL=16.

Measurements (cm): 

  • Bust circumference:  (Across underarm part of body)  XS=99 S=102 M=108 L=114 XL=120  2XL=126  3XL=132.
  • Waist circumference(15cm below Underarm) : XS=87 S=90  M=96  L=102 XL=108 2XL=114 3XL=120
  • Hem circumference: XS=341 S=344 M=350 L=356  XL=362 2XL=368 3XL=374.
  • Shoulder to shoulder(Across back): XS=38.1  S=38.9  M=40.5  L=42.1   XL=43.7  2XL=45.3  3XL=46.9.  

Fabric: 72% Meryl, 28% Elastane & 95% Merino, 5% Spandex

Style no. 8556