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CAMILLA Long Scarf - Dining Hall Darling



Adorned with smart tartan and country creatures, the Dining Hall Darling Long Scarf hits a stately note, inspired by a salacious banquet attended by eccentric dignitaries. Gilded foliage and a leap of leopards hint at the aristocratic heritage of our guests, whilst hand-placed CAMILLA crystals and beaded tassels give a nod to the decadence that awaits. At two meters in length, this generous silk scarf offers a plethora of styling options, all of which showcase the mesmerising 

- Inspired by salacious stories from a rambunctious banquet
- Camilla accessories
- Luxe statement scarf
- Silk chiffon scarf
- Beaded tassels
- Multi-wear piece
- Two metre length

Measurements: 51cm x 200cm

Fabric: 100% SILK

Style No. 8429

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